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Age Management Skincare

Cold Plasma Renew
The Glass O2 Facial

A premium anti-aging facial using a dome to generate highly concentrated oxygen and anions - “nutrient rich vitamins from air” to provide many wonderful benefits. This treatment immediately reduces inflammation, regenerates broken cells, promotes blood circulation, improves signs of aging, balances pH levels, boosts immunity and rejuvenates your tired skin. You will experience instantly dewy and lifted skin after this revolutionary treatment. It is also a great option for post intensive treatments to speed up the healing process. Approx. 90 minutes | $175

Nano Ion Infusion Therapy

Treat and prevent aging skin with this multi all-in-one therapy system that uses a low level laser galvanic current and anion known as nano mist. It aids in an improvement of blood circulation, cell activation, collagen production and provides enhanced absorption of nutrients to the skin. This is a perfect all in one treatment for those experiencing sun damage or dullness to the skin. You will instantly see a reduction in appearance of wrinkles, improved tone and texture, skin hydration and an overall tightening effect. Approx. 90 minutes | $175

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

An ideal option for those that want to tighten and contour their facial features, treat wrinkles, sagging, or beginning signs of aging. Collagen production is stimulated using radio frequency energy waves to heat up various skin layers to smooth and lift the skin’s surface. The more collagen that is produced, the tighter the skin becomes, leaving a rejuvenating result for a younger looking appearance. Ideal for ages 35 and up. Approx. 75 minutes | $150

Luminous C Facial

Looking for a more luminous glow to your skin? This advanced treatment uses powerful fruit enzymes, polypeptides, and vitamin C to lighten, tighten and brighten the skin. It will help prevent your skin from signs of aging, fight free radical damage from damaging UV rays, environmental pollution and natural stress. This preventative treatment is ideal for all skin types. Ideal for brown spots and hyper-pigmentation. Approx. 75 minutes | $125

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