DrJ SkinClinic products are only formulated with knowledge based on skin science and they are produced exclusively for clinics around the world.  To develop such products, DrJ SkinClinic established such research systems below.



Based on the ingredients and results from the advanced skin research, DrJ SkinClinic formulates test products to solve the skin problems and concerns many clients are facing.  When a product is created, it is put through a sensory test, and then the decision is made for the raw material for a product, the effectiveness of the product, and also the safety of the product.

In order for all of this research to benefit our clients, DrJ SkinClinic's chemists, biologists, engineers, dermatologists, and pharmacists work together to create the safest and yet most effective products for the healthiest skin.

For basic research, DrJ SkinClinic concentrates mainly on healthy skin, which is biological, physiological, and clinical.  DrJ SkinClinic studies the effects of UV, chemical pollution, heat, and other known causes of damage to the skin.  DrJ SkinClinic also studies the different skin conditions based on different ethnicities to gauge the effectiveness based on skin types.  The study results for these different areas help to determine the main ingredients for their formulas.